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‘Y? – The Maze of Tricks

Lukinzo’s Spelling Competition is now live in The Maze of Tricks!

Click here for more details.

‘Y? is free to download and play. An in-app purchase is available for entering Lukinzo’s Spelling Competition. After entering the competition, you can have as many tries as you like to get your score to the top of the Leaderboard. Competition closes on 30 December 2020, 11pm GMT. But you can continue to play the game afterwards! Top 3 scores win Tablets. Tap above link for more details.

BUT!!! There are more educational spelling and maths games to play in The Maze of Tricks.

Improve your arithmetic skills with the full version of Rainy. Randomly generated maths equations ensure unlimited hours of training. Rainy is perfectly suited for ages up to 14.

Or try your luck at Chainy – a Hangman-styled word guessing game.

There’s also the colourful Sc(?) Pathfinder – a traditional maze game where you have to find your way out from the middle. The mazes in Sc(?) are randomly generated hence Sc(?) has unlimited replayability.

Try out the free versions of the Grade 1 and Grade 2 Spelling Tests. They are fun picture-based games perfectly suited to those who are starting to learn English.

New fun and different spelling and maths games are continuously added to ‘Y?.

*** Games available in English only. ***

” Whoever you tell, tell them you gotta buy it.
‘Cos first clue’s to puzzle out the password kit.
Second clue’s to bring one closer.
One will see the tongue once, once over.

Play game Rainy. It’s simple arithmetic training,
Developed for children. They find it joyfully entertaining!
Explore The Maze and find the other spelling and maths games.
“They’re not just fun, they’re educational!” each child who plays exclaims.

Anyone from around the world can enter Lukinzo’s Spelling Competition, with it’s random letters.
Using Game Bee, it highlights your spelling errors!
You have 30 minutes and 9 letters to spell as many words as you can.
To always beat your best scores, you’ll need a game plan.
You can enter as many times as you desire to improve your score.
Prizes for the top three so up The Leaderboard you should soar!

Enter and you also sponsor a learner for the school’s in-person Travelling Bee.
If more of you this app’s competition enters, more deserving learners for free The Bee will see

Come in! Join me! Let’s have some fun!
The Maze of Tricks’ for all and one.
But beware the Tricks. The Playground’s fun.
One will only see the tongue once done. “

– Lukinzo