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‘Y? – The Maze of Tricks

Available worldwide on iOS. Coming soon to Google Play.

The rooms are the puzzles in the Maze of Tricks.
Complete each room’s challenges for Tricksy to fix.
In most rooms, the challenges number three.
But in a few rooms, there’s a hidden trick to see.

The main Room’s Bee with it’s random letters.
Go on. Play it. It highlights your spelling errors.
You have nine letters to spell as many words as you can.
To always beat your best scores, you’ll need a game plan.

Reset Bee’s letters to start a new spelling game.
Each new game’s set of letters is never the same.
You can use any letter more than once when spelling a word.
But no plurals nor proper nouns nor words to be recurred.
Complete Bee’s first challenge to uncover the special character.
Pay the Maze’s Entrance Fee and discover the narrator.

Come in! Join me! Let’s have some fun!
The Maze of Tricks’ for all and one.
But beware the Tricks. The Playground’s fun.
One will only see the tongue once done.