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Travelling Bee Spelling Competition

A spelling competition that’s the first of its kind. Anywhere. It is fully run on mobile devices, specifically iPads, playing Game Bee from the gaming app “”. Game Bee is the new definitive spelling game, developed for iOS and Android, that encourages children to grow their daily usable vocabulary.

Gone are the days of traditional spelling contests where teachers ask students, one at a time, to spell one word at a time. And only a handful of words are spelt from a long list of words provided.

This competition asks teams of 3 pupils each, over 45 minutes, to remember as many 3 – 7 letter words from the Official Word List using a specific set of 9 (+1) letters.

All competitions also include a complementary Introductory and Practice Session to give learners an opportunity to experience the game and format prior to Competition Day.

They also receive a printed version of the Official Word List, a mini notepad and a stylus. Winners receive trophies and certificates.

Click Rules & Format for further details.


Want to enter? Send me a message here to tell me so. And if your friends do so too, it will be easier to enroll your school.


Want to enroll your school? Fill this in and I’ll get back to you asap!

Competition also includes an ICT CPTD Type 2 activity, just for educators.

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