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Travelling Bee Registration

3-Step Guide

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Form a team of 3 learners, all of the same grade.

With your Team Name and 3 Nicknames will this game be played.

But worry not if your team’s incomplete for Competition Day,

We’ll find others to form teams with so that you too can play!

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Each in your team needs to register separately.

All to enter the same Team Name, else you won’t be connected inseparably.

Complete the Travelling Bee Registration after selecting the venue and date.

And then mark this in your calendar, a fun filled day long fete!

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Your confirmation email includes the Competition Letters and the Official Word List.

There’s only 3 to 7 letter words for you, on Competition Day, to untwist.

Study hard, prepare well, to spell as many words as you can, to excel.

But you only have 1 hr 15 min before you hear your game’s end bell!

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Come in! Join me! Let's have some fun!
The Maze of Tricks' for all and one.
But beware the Tricks. The Playground's fun.
One will only see the tongue once done.

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