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Scr’EE’n (COVID)

Coming soon to App Store and Google Play

Join the fight against COVID-19 and proactively help reduce its exponentially contagious spread.

Do away with paper-based screening and records. And in so doing, reduce administrative effort.

Save time and money when your employees arrive at work with this Health Screening process simplified app.

The first three ‘EE’Tok are free. Try it before buying.

Covid-19 has changed the way we work. To help reduce the spread of Covid-19, proactively screen your employees when they enter your offices. This app simplifies the entire process. While this app is tailored for SMME’s, it can be used by companies of any size.

Screening occurs with a simple questionnaire of approved questions. These questions are designed to identify potential positive Covid-19 infections at early onset. The questions are medically recommended and will be updated as more is discovered about Covid-19. Please consult your local medical professionals on further steps to be taken if your employees’ responses imply a potential Covid-19 infection.

The app is designed for simplicity and security:


  • ‘EE’Tok (or Employee Tokens) can be purchased via the appropriate in-app ‘EE’Tok pack. The first three ‘EE’Tok are free. So that you can try it before buying.
  • Adding details for employees to be screened is simple. This is done in the Settings Secured Area.
  • You can “View” all screenings done in-app. As well as export all screenings to .pdf “Reports”, which are saved on your device and can be accessed via the Files app. (Files app provided by Apple.) You have the flexibility of choosing what to include in the Report.
  • You have complete control over whom to share the Reports with and Reports are colour-coded to quickly identify potential infections.
  • There is an additional feature to upload your employee information via a .csv file if you don’t wish to add their details manually. It is as simple as clicking a few buttons.
  • The screenings can be used for contact-tracing, if required. But you are in complete control of your company’s and your employees’ information and when, how, where and with whom to share it.


  • The set-up and activation process is simple and only a valid email is required. This email is only used to receive Codes to enter the app’s “Secured Areas”.
  • There are no passwords to remember. Only your email for receiving codes.
  • Lukinzos Playground has no back-end database that stores your company/employee sensitive or personal information. All details are stored in Apple’s, very secure, Keychain and encrypted on your Android device.
  • This means your data will never be compromised by hackers as there is nothing for them to hack into.
  • Your are in complete control of your information.
  • Your company name, company email and company location are emailed to Lukinzos Playground when activating the app. These details are not stored in a database and remain on email. They are only used to provide codes for entering app Secured Areas.
  • Furthermore, your information will not be shared with any third parties.
  • The app also has no adverts.

Join the fight against COVID-19 and proactively help reduce its exponentially contagious spread.