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What and Why?


My Playground is an educational mobile gaming company. The games focus on building core foundation skills for Maths and English, aimed at learners starting off on their educational journeys.

I’ve developed two gaming applications, “”, where children learn to spell and count and ‘Y? – The Maze of Tricks.

“” contains multiple spelling and maths games appropriate for all learners aged 3 – 13. But older children enjoy playing them too. All games build and encourage children to learn how to spell and count.

‘Y? is a fun cheeky gaming environment where some of the content is for adults so please, parents, please play it yourselves before allowing your children to roam free in the Maze of Tricks.

Both gaming apps are available on the App Store, iOS only. Android versions will be released soon.

I launched the Travelling Bee Spelling Competitions to work in conjunction with the mobile games. The Travelling Bee Spelling Competition is a First-of-its-Kind competition run in schools. All competitions are run autonomously on iPads using the latest spelling games. Together, the training apps and competitions encourage and entice learners to grow their daily usable vocabulary. Automatic spell-checking and scoring ensures that a large group of learners can compete simultaneously.

Who said learning couldn’t be fun? Learners compete in teams of 3, helping each other spell as many words as they can…while playing the latest spelling games. AND THEY STUDY FOR IT!

I’m starting a Maths competition in a similar style and format as the Spelling Competition. Stay tuned for further developments.


After working in the actuarial field for 15 years, for and with 6 companies, across three continents, I decided to take a break from corporate life. To pass forward my love for all things Maths to learners in South Africa, and, hopefully, in future, beyond. Getting learners to love maths is sorely needed. And there’s no better way to do it than with educational mobile games. Programming and gaming have long been another passion of mine and I’ve devised a way to bring all of it together.

But, first, learners and I need to speak the same language for me to teach them the beauty of an equation. Hence I started the Travelling Bee Spelling Competition in 2019 and will commence shortly with the Travelling Bee Maths Competition in 2020.

Download the games from the App Store to find out more of the fun learners in and around KwaDukuza, South Africa, are having!

Apps available for iOS and Android