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Where children learn to spell and count

This game is designed specifically for children under the age of 13:

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  • No personal information collected
  • No in-app purchases
  • No internet connection required

It contains multiple spelling and maths games to help children learn and practice their spelling and arithmetic skills.

With 10 basic colours, 5 basic shapes and a set of characters,
Building these educational games, one wonders who the narrator is?

There's 3 spelling games, 1's for all ages,
And a maths game for RAINY sages.
100% code of 7600 lines, no wonder this the latest rage is!

(Every colour and position of every pixel written in simple code,
Showcasing the mechanics of an artist's minimalistic mode.)

Educational games contained in one app


Similar to classic hangman, figure out the word by guessing letters. Simple, easy and for all ages. Choose between a limited dictionary of small words or the full-size dictionary of 298k words

Grades 1 and 2 Test

Players are given 3 clues to guess what the word is. Spell the word correctly and move onto the next word. Using a word list suitable for those just starting their journey to learning English, this game is simple, easy and for all ages.

Game Bee

You have 9 letters from which to spell as many 3 to 7 letter words as you can. The flagship spelling game suitable for grades 3 – 10 but enjoyable by all, even adults.

Finish Challenge 1 to unlock the Bonus Letter Y and maximise your score by spelling even more words. Continue with Challenge 2 to beat your previous scores. Your seven best scores are saved.

Unlimited replayability by restarting with a new set of random letters. Or play with the Competition Letters from the first FOUR EDITIONS of the Travelling Bee Spelling Competitions.

In fact, those participating in the learners’ competition can download the Official Word List (click here) and practice at home as preparation.


"It's basic arithmetic training amidst the watery plumage.
The stormy weather's draining with this game's high power usage."

The first maths provide arithmetic training for all learners up to grade 7. The maths equations start off simply only using numbers 0 to 5 and addition. You have a limited time to provide your answer before the equation is struck off and a new one appears.

The levels get progressively harder as the numbers get larger, more complex operators like multiplication and division are introduced. Likewise with negative numbers which learners first learn in grade 7.

Reach the final level to enter the multiple-choice mode.

Sc(?) Pathfinder

A simple maze game suitable for ages 3 +.

Start in the middle, one step at a time.
The maze's always changing and not for a dime.
Don't cross your path on your way OUT.
Follow the rainbow in Pathfinder, Sc(?).