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There are two competitions available:

This is a First of a Kind school’s spelling competition that is held in schools and learners compete in teams of 3. They are provided the relevant Official Word List to prepare and winners receive trophies and certificates.

The competition first started in March 2019. It is only open to learners and schools that have enrolled in the program.

Click here for more details, results and galleries.

It is administered by Lukinzo’s Competitions NPC, non-profit registered in South Africa.

IMPORTANT – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 Travelling Bee Spelling competitions have been postponed to 2021 or as soon as the social distancing rules are relaxed.

This is a virtual version of the school’s spelling competition but it is open to everyone from around the world, including adults. It’s playable in the app ‘Y? – The Maze of Tricks.

This app is free to download to play and also includes other educational spelling and maths games. Entry Lukinzo’s Spelling Competition by buying your Competition Entry Ticket, available via an in-app purchase.

Competitors can play the game as many times as they want to, thus having multiple opportunities to improve their score and climb the Leaderboard.

Click here for more details and links to App Store and Play Store.

The app and competition are developed and run by Lukinzo’s Playground, a private company registered in South Africa.