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Practitioners – Year 2019

Travelling Bee Spelling Competitions in 2019

Screenshot : Highest score achieved in all Travelling Bee Spelling Competitions held in 2019

Fourth Edition – October 2019

The last competition session for 2019 saw 6 schools host their own internal Travelling Bee Spelling Competitions.

259 learners in total participated. And more schools would have joined in had it not been so close to final examinations.

The Travelling Bee was also expanded to include Grade 1 and Grade 2 learners. They played a brand new game suitable to their level. Sagewood Preparatory School was the first school to start Grade 1 and Grade 2 Travelling Bees. And a big thank you to the educators who helped me rein in these youngsters excitment!

Below are the results, combined across all schools.

259 learners from six schools participated in the Fourth Edition of Travelling Bee Spelling Competition. Sagewood Preparatory was also the first school to start the Grade 1 and 2 Travelling Bees.

Third Edition – August 2019

The Third Edition saw the commencement of school’s internal Travelling Bee’s. Given the change in format and timing of competitons, only two schools participated. The competitions were held in school.

Two schools, Sagewood Preparatory School and Stanger Primary School, were the first schools to commence with internal school Travelling Bees. Format and rules were updated to suit competitions held in school.

Educators set aside two 1.5 hour sessions for each group of learners entering the competition. The first session was an introductory and practice session where learners got to experience the game for the first time. They were also provided with the Official Word List to study for Competition day, held at least 3 weeks after the practice session.

97 learners in total from Sagewood Preparatory School and Stanger Primary School participated.

Second Edition – May 2019

The Second Edition of the Travelling Bee saw its participants grow to 199 learners from in and around KwaDukuza.

The competition was run, for the first time, across 4 days at 5 different venues, thanks to the support of Stanger Heights Primary School, Sagewood Preparatory School, KwaDukuza Primary School, Glenhills Primary and Secondary School, Stanger Manor Primary School and Master Maths Stanger Tuition.

Learners studied the Second Edition Word List and this competition yielded the first team to spell more than 100 7-letter words!

The Second Edition spelling competition was also generously supported by Master Maths Stanger who sponsored a ruler to each participant!

The winning scores were 654 (grades 3 & 4), 962 (grades 5 & 6), 1408 (grades 7 & 8) and 943 for the OPEN category.

Entrants Galleries

Stanger Heights Primary School (18 May 2019)

Sagewood Preparatory School (23 May 2019)

KwaDukuza Primary School (25 May 2019)

Glenhills Secondary School (25 May 2019)


Master Maths Stanger (26 May 2019)

First Edition – 31 March 2019

The Travelling Bee spelling competition continued with the First Edition word list and was run on 31 March 2019. 98 learners took the opportunity to improve on their trendsetting scores.

Two Grades 5 and 6 teams, KwaDukuza Primary and another from Glenhills Primary, for the first time, achieved more than 1000 points.

The winning scores were 528 (grades 3 & 4), 1134 (grades 5 & 6), 744 (grades 7 & 8) and 858 for the OPEN category.

Learners are definitely improving their gameplans!

Trendsetters – 2 March 2019

First of its kind

The launch of the Travelling Bee spelling competition kicked off with 54 learners from in and around KwaDukuza eagerly participating in the first of its kind team spelling competition run entirely in an iPad.

They studied the First Edition Word List consisting of 800 words ranging in size from 3 letters to 7 letters.

The winning scores were 287 (grades 3 & 4), 686 (grades 5 & 6), 357 (grades 7 & 8) and 612 for the OPEN category.